Saving as many lives as possible since 2023.

Founded in 2023, Foster Tales (501c3) emerged from the heart of Bakersfield, California, a city at the epicenter of a severe dog overpopulation crisis. Our founder was moved by the dire situation of local shelter dogs, where the stark reality often contradicts the law's intent to prevent euthanasia for lack of space. Despite legal protections, many dogs—whether due to minor illnesses like kennel cough, timidity, or simply a lack of interest from adopters—are still tragically euthanized when shelters reach capacity.

The diversity of dogs facing such fates in Bakersfield is astonishing, often leaving people in disbelief that such loving animals were on the brink of being lost forever. The city's acute shortage of adopters means many dogs never get the chance they deserve.

At Foster Tales, our commitment runs deep. In 2023 alone, our dedicated volunteers saved 114 dogs through relentless tracking, fostering, and facilitating adoptions. Our goal for 2024 is to extend our reach even further, saving more lives with the help of our incredible community of adopters—many of whom hail from Northern California. Every adoption not only transforms the life of a rescued dog but also opens a spot for another in need. Our journey is fueled by the belief that every dog deserves a chance, and each adoption is a victory in the fight against unnecessary euthanasia.

Lady was rescued the day she was going to be euthanized at KCAS. She was happily adopted in 2023 and lives in Northern California.

Mission Statement: Prevent unnecessary euthanasia and needless suffering of shelter dogs through foster care and adoption.

Our Team

Mckenzie Pye

Mckenzie is a California native and all around dog lover. She is a teacher by day, and home inspector by night. She joined our adoption team in 2023 and completes all virtual home checks. She is very experienced with welcoming new dogs into their homes, as she has fostered over 10 dogs with Foster Tales so far.

Deb Ward

Deb Ward has made her life about the dogs. Deb has more than 30 years experience in rescue, obedience, and transporting. She loves greyhounds, and has saved many retired racers. Deb sits on our board, oversees adoptions, and does many transports for our organization.

Gaby Crothers

Gaby has fostered over 15 dogs for Foster Tales and currently serves as our Communication Director on our Adoption Team. Gaby loves pit bulls and has been the reason many have lived. She is very organized and timely, and if you have sent us an email, you have likely heard from her.

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