Saving dogs from unnecessary euthanasia.

In the heart of Bakersfield, where the shadows of high-kill shelters loom, we rescue vulnerable dogs and place them in foster homes throughout the state of California. We network and match dogs with loving adopters.
Join our mission; one dog at a time.

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About Foster Tales

Foster Tales extends its reach across California and occasionally into Canada, finding forever homes for dogs in need. We have foster homes throughout the state of California and Nevada. We provide ALL supplies needed to our foster homes, and we cover all of the dogs medical costs. Our adoption process is streamlined yet thorough.

In the shadow of Southern California's severe overpopulation crisis, we are on a relentless mission to rescue dogs from the brink at Kern County Animal Shelter—one of the state's most notorious high-kill shelters. Our urgent battle against time means we cannot hold dogs indefinitely. If you're considering adoption, please remember: prompt action could save a life.

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Foster Tales Alum

Belle was rescued from KCAS by Foster Tales in 2023. She was severely underweight. After 2 months in foster care, Belle was adopted by a wonderful family and now lives in Northern California.

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We need more foster homes! We take amazing care of our fosters and provide all supplies needed. We cover all the medical expenses needed for foster dogs. We also handle networking the dog and finding he or she an adopter.

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Adopting with Foster Tales

At Foster Tales, we take pride in our comprehensive and transparent adoption process, designed to ensure the best match between our rescue dogs and their potential forever homes. We believe in openness about each dog's personality, including their quirks and the commitment required to welcome them into your life. By fostering our dogs, we live with them, learn their behaviors, preferences, and needs, allowing us to share a detailed portrait with prospective adopters.
Our adoption journey unfolds in several thoughtful steps:

- A quick introductory phone call to understand your expectations and answer any initial questions.

- A virtual meet-and-greet with the dog, giving you a firsthand look at their personality and how they interact in a home setting.

- An application process paired with a virtual home check, ensuring your home is a safe and suitable environment.

- Pre-adoption counseling to discuss the responsibilities of pet ownership, the specific needs of your chosen dog, and how to address any potential challenges.

- Finally, an in-person meeting and adoption, where you'll officially welcome your new family member home.

This process ensures not just a successful adoption but a harmonious, lifelong bond between you and your new companion.

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Foster Tales Alum

Crystal was going to be euthanized for a simple doggy cold but was rescued by Foster Tales in 2024. She is currently in foster care and is thriving. She cannot wait to find a forever home.

Saving dogs from unnecessary euthanasia.